In most boardgames, the focus tends to be on the heroes of the story. The good guys who are selflessly risking life and limb to protect those who can’t protect themself. Protect the innocent townsfolk, arrest the rampaging maniac, rescue those in need, bla bla bla.

You know what’s more fun than doing those things? Terrorizing the townsfolk! Being the rampaging maniac! Bullying people who can’t defend themselves! Bad Guy Board Games allows you to unleash your inner evil. When you play one of my games, you’ll always be on the wrong side of history. Even when you think you are playing the good guys, you’ll find yourself commiting crimes against humanity.

So what are you waiting for? Print out the boardgames, gather your friends, and spend your weekend running sheeple over with your car, dragging librarians through mud and setting them on fire (in an order of your choosing), forcing your friends to slam each other with chairs, blowing your fellow pirates’ head off at point blank range and many more fun activities! If you think you are too pure and kindhearted to commit any of these attrocities, remember this: There’s a villain in all of us!

All the game design, graphic design and most of the artwork is done by me, Harry Arthur Nuss. I’d like to thank my buddies for testing the boardgames and giving honest criticism. Special thanks to my girlfriend for teaching me how to build a website in addition to all the playtesting.

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